I'm a researcher at the Institute for Sociology at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany. I earned my doctoral degree in the field of educational sciences at University of Technology Dresden, my masters degree in industrial management with specialization in communication sciences at University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, and I'm graduated in the field of media technology at University of Applied Sciences Mittweida.

My research deals with social network analytics. It actually explores the impact of social interaction and patterns of social ties on academic careers and developmental stages of research institutions in macro and micro perspective, and the distribution of information in (online) knowledge organizations. The focus of my research based on the multi-mode extraction and exploration of (large) relational data in knowledge networks with the help of Social Network Analysis (SNA), Dynamic Network Analysis (DNA), Semantic Network Analysis (SSNA) and Visual Analytics (VA). Me and my colleagues introduced a framework for extracting complex data in Academia in 2013 (Stuetzer, Breiger, Koehler, 2013). The aim is to provide further developments and applications of relational methods in the field of academic research.

Here you can find some selected works and publications in the field of Social Academic Analytics (SAA) and Social Learning Analytics (SLA). If you are interested in, please don't hesitate and contact me!

Cathleen M. Stuetzer